In short, I ‘do’ philosophy. I also like to write & make things. I’m from Istanbul, which is responsible for a lot of things I am and believe.

I studied philosophy and English at Harvard, after which I did a master’s in philosophy at the University of Cambridge. In 2017, I moved back to Harvard to start my Ph.D. in philosophy, which is still in progress and will be for quite a while.

In December 2020, my comrade Nicolas Côté (LSE) and I organized the first iteration of “Epistemology and Power From Below” —a day-long workshop of new works in “feminist” philosophy in a leftist key. Email us if you’re interested in participating in a later iteration as a presenter or want to get on the email list. You can see the page for the 2020 workshop here.

I also support my union. (I’ve written about our fight, feminism and socialist organizing for The Drift.)